Suresh Raina Picks India’s Go-To Man During T20 World Cup

Suresh Raina Picks India's Go-To Man During T20 World Cup
India has always had a great deal of star power in their team, but Suresh Raina claims that they are missing someone who can "control the game" for them. He singles out SKY as being key to this World Cup and feels confident about India's chances if he plays well during these next few weeks!

As the eyes of all cricket fans focus on one direction right now-the T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia. Most teams have already reached Down Under as action begins this Sunday with Rohit Sharma leading his Indian team into what many consider to be an assaultable tournament despite injuries they've had during buildup but still look strong going forward without key players like Ravindra Jadeja (injured) or Jasprit Bumrah who were both injured last minute decision making process when selecting Suresh Raina member from 2011 50 overs world cup winners' outfit he says there'll need someone else

"Suryakumar Yadav will be India's game-changer," said Raina. He hasn't been in great form recently but his batting skills are unmatched and he can change the outcome of any match with just one hit! It would also help if other players perform well like Arshdeep Singh or Virat Kohli who have shown time after time how important they really are during competition runs."

"Pakistan may have a strong team, but we are favourites to win this match. If India can start well and get the momentum behind them early on then it will set up our victory even more smoothly."

India face Pakistan in their first match in Melbourne on October 23.

India has finally confirmed their squad for the ICC World Cup. The team is led by Rohit Sharma (captain), who will be supported in his goal to win Gold by KL Rahul as vice-captain; Virat Kohli can also rely on Surya Kendall Yadav and Deepak Hooda while playing whites apart from Rishabh Pant wicketkeeper duo of Dinesh Karthik/Hirdal Pandya when required. There are 6 bowlers including Hardik Patel alongwith Bhuvneswar Kumar and Arshdeep Singh.